8 Lessons for Entrepreneurs That ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ Emphasizes

NBC’s hit Television show The Celebrity Apprentice is a lot more than just an entertaining television series that raises lots of money for a few amazing charities — additionally it is a great way to obtain lessons that each entrepreneur can reap the benefits of. In the show, Donald Trump challenges teams of celebrities with different tasks, awarding the winning team’s project manager money with regards to charity while someone is fired from the losing team.

Current cast member Brandi Glanville is best on her behalf role on Bravo’s series THE TRUE Housewives of Beverly Hills, but don’t let that fool you — she actually is an effective entrepreneur with a mobile app and new wine venture not only is it an author that hit the brand new York Best Seller list twice.

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Listed below are eight entrepreneurial lessons we feel the show emphasizes.

1. You are just as effective as the team around you.

In the event that you surround yourself with an excellent team you are naturally likely to win, whether we are discussing a sporting event, creating a business or competing on The Celebrity Apprentice. Weak and unmotivated associates are dead weight and can always hold you back.

Someone once said you will be the company you keep, which holds true in life aswell as in business. The business enterprise team you come up with is a reflection of you, the team leader, and you are just as strong as your weakest player.

2. A solid leader is vital for success.

A company won’t reach its goals or full potential with a weak-minded leader that isn’t fully focused on the task accessible. On The Celebrity Apprentice, nearly all losses are because of a weak project manager. Likewise, nearly all victories on the show are because of an extremely determined and committed project manager.

Unless you believe in the individual leading you, it’s time to take charge yourself. Never give up.

3. Social media is a robust vehicle to provide your message.

Social media is a robust tool, plus some of the fundraising tasks on The Celebrity Apprentice just further amplify that fact, as the teams have raised thousands of dollars, often using social media to announce event locations and request donations. When you build-up a loyal social following you have several individuals that will walk out their way to greatly help when you ask, whether that’s re-tweeting a note or participating in a meeting.

Social media can be an important weapon — a solid social-media following may be used to promote, sell and market just about anything.

4. Insufficient communication creates unnecessary conflicts.

When teams don’t communicate effectively, it leads to numerous he-said-she-said bickering and conflict. This just decreases progress — so don’t hesitate to communicate how you are feeling. Even if everyone doesn’t agree you can easily come to an answer and then progress.

Business relationships are simply that — ‘relationships’ — and everyone understands the only way to get a fruitful relationship is by keeping the lines of communication open. Think about it as a marriage of sorts.

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5. Grasp tasks before you try to tackle them.

In the event that you start a project with no a full knowledge of the task accessible, it can get back to bite you. At a particular point you can’t backtrack or press the reset button. When you grasp what you ought to get accomplished you can create a good plan and abide by it before end.

Invest some time and ask as much questions since you can think about. If you’re not informed then you’re not prepared.

6. Operate for your beliefs.

In the event that you feel strongly about something, don’t hesitate to back down, in case you are outnumbered initially. Take time to explain why you are feeling how you do — your gut feeling is often right. The very last thing you should do is keep quiet and regret your decision following the fact.

In last week’s episode, Glanville was the project manager on her behalf team and wasn’t feeling the direction these were going. She determined that wasn’t popular among her teammates initially, but had she not made that decision her team could have most likely lost the task. Instead, these were victorious and she could win lots of money on her behalf charity, Make-A-Wish.

Follow your instincts! Majority rules isn’t always the ideal solution. Talk it out together with your teammates, get the opinion of everybody and make your decision — never forgetting that it is your decision.

7. Don’t hesitate to require feedback.

Asking your team, “What do you consider relating to this?” is a thing that sounds so simple, yet isn’t done nearly enough. There were several instances on The Celebrity Apprentice where in fact the project manager just ran using what they believed was the proper direction for this task without requesting feedback. In the event that you make decisions without requesting feedback and things go sour you have nobody at fault but yourself.

It’s very vital that you have every team members’ feedback prior to making decisions. The very best businessmen are usually the very best listeners.

8. Take responsibility for your mistakes.

When Lorenzo Lamas was project manager earlier this year, his team lost and he took full responsibility for losing. He could have tried to throw another person beneath the bus and blame them for losing, but he understood that it had been his leadership and decisions that ultimately result in the loss. In the event that you make a blunder, don’t be afraid to possess up to it.

EASILY make a decision in my business that eventually ends up being a mistake, I must take complete responsibility — it’s nobody’s fault but my very own.

By the end of your day The Celebrity Apprentice is a competition and I don’t believe that it is always the very best representation of individuals taking responsibility for his or her mistakes, nonetheless it is how I really do business in my own real lifestyle.

How many other lessons can entrepreneurs study from watching the show? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below.

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