Double Your Revenue Using This Simple, Time-Tested Technique

Imagine if I told you you had thirty days to double the revenue in your business. What would you do?

Some individuals might say “get doubly much traffic.” Others would say “get some good sales training and understand how to double my “yes’s” Still others would argue “I have to double the quantity of people in the area that I am selling to.”

While most of these might be valid methods to double your revenue — also, they are hard.

Call me pessimistic, but I simply don’t think I’m likely to double my traffic within the next thirty days. I’m not likely to suddenly be capable of geting twice as many visitors to say yes. I’m likely not likely to double the amount of individuals who I’m pitching to.

However, there exists a easier way. Enter the funnel.

Exactly what is a funnel?

A funnel is merely the path that your visitors, clients or leads progress down, you start with your first interaction and ending together with your goal being accomplished. As the name indicate, a funnel is wider at the very top and narrows as the chance moves through it.

For instance, this very post is a funnel. It’s likely that, you’ve never heard about me before and that means you are entering the top of my funnel. (Hi, nice to meet up you. I am Brandon Turner and I sometimes discuss funnels and property investing.)

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Down the road, a few of you will visit my website. A straight smaller number will join my email list. Finally, a straight smaller portion will buy something from me or join our pro membership. My funnel begins with thousands of people entering it, through guest posting, SEO, YouTube, podcasting and more. It ends with an extremely few typing their credit card numbers in to the computer.

Yes, that is pretty basic stuff, but I have to make sure we all have been sitting on the same foundation before I move on.

Mapping out your funnel.

Before we are able to start brainstorming all of the ways that you will double your revenue, first we have to outline your complete funnel. This may be incredibly possible for you, or it may be a little more complicated. Likely, your business has several funnels, but let’s just concentrate on your most profitable one at this time.

I want to explain how exactly to map out a funnel utilizing a quick example, which we’ll call the “Webinar Funnel.”

People to website↓ Join my email list ↓ Sign up to my webinar ↓ Arrive to my webinar ↓ Convert and purchase my product ↓ Average lifetime value of a person

The above funnel has six steps. Let’s go on and dive in deeper on that funnel, this time around giving it some hypothetical numbers, therefore i can demonstrate my point easier. Before we are able to start making drastic changes to your important thing, you need to determine how your present funnel is working. There are a great number of tools you can utilize to investigate your funnel, from Google Analytics to your current favorite, MixPanel.

Below, inside our example, we’ll assume 50,000 visitors come to your website, with 1 percent of these opting to become listed on our mailing list. A free of charge webinar emerges to those signups, and ten percent of them subscribe. But a lot of people who join webinars don’t arrive, so let’s assume 20 percent actually attend. Of this 20 percent, we’ll assume ten percent end up buying our product, and the common profit made on each signup because of this webinar was $1,000. Therefore:

People to website (500,000)↓ Join my email list (5,000, or 1 percent)↓ Sign up to my upcoming webinar from introduction email (500 sign ups, or ten percent)↓ ARRIVE to my webinar (100 show ups, or 20 percent)↓ Convert and purchase my product (10 conversions, or ten percent)↓Average lifetime value of a person ($1,000 times 10 equals $10,000)

In the above scenario, the “webinar funnel” from raw traffic took 500,000 people right down to 10 sales of $1,000 profit a bit, leading to $10,000 altogether profit. Don’t worry if this funnel looks nothing beats your own. It probably won’t, but I could almost guarantee you that you do have a funnel. So go on and create yours now.

That is when the fun begins. Let’s double some revenue!

How funnels can double your revenue.

Remember at the start of the post I asked you how you’ll start doubling your revenue within the next thirty days? I’m sure a lot of you considered unique suggestions to double your traffic or double your closing rate. However, the easy answer is you don’t have to double anybody step of your funnel.

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You merely need small tweaks on each part. Small, incremental changes to each step of your funnel can lead to greater changes when compared to a massive increase on just one single step.

Minutes ago we discussed the hypothetical “webinar funnel” and mapped out raw traffic from 500,000 people to $10,000 in revenue, utilizing a variety of conversions throughout.

Now, let’s go on and make some changes to each the main funnel. We aren’t likely to double any part, we’re just likely to set some reasonable goals on each.

People to website (500,000)↓Join my email list (6,000, or 1.2 percent)↓ Sign up to my upcoming webinar from introduction email (720 sign ups, or 12 percent)↓ Arrive to my webinar (173 show ups, or 24 percent)↓ Convert and purchase my product (21 conversions, or 12 percent)↓ Average lifetime value of a person ($1,000 times 21 equals $21,000)

Observe that we didn’t double anybody step. We simple improved most steps slightly and we took the revenue from $10,000 to $21,000. We didn’t even change the traffic or the revenue per customer. Honestly, doubling is merely the start.

Two incredible top features of funnels.

The wonder of thinking with regard to funnels is two-fold:

1. You don’t need a miracle to improve revenue. Small changes are easy to acquire quickly and will usually be performed with minor tweaks, split testing and innovative ideas. Racking your brains on how exactly to double my traffic within the next thirty days, legally and sustainably, is hard. Racking your brains on how to create a ten percent lift? Now, that’s doable.

2. Funnels offer you specific goals to fight for. In my own post here on Entrepreneur a couple of months back, Replace BOTH OF THESE Limiting Words FROM YOUR OWN Vocabulary, I discussed the thought of switching your “I can’t” vocabulary to the easy question “how do i?” When you imagine with regard to funnels, each step becomes a “how do i” puzzle:

  •  How do i go from 1 percent to at least one 1.2 percent opt ins? (Perhaps try implementing a slide-in pop-up just like the incredible one from SumoMe?)
  •  How do i get 24 percent of individuals to show up, instead of 20 percent? (Perhaps try split-testing your day you host your webinar/event?)
  •  How do i get 12 percent of individuals to convert, instead of ten percent? (Perhaps try reading a book on sales or watching a specialist salesperson execute a live event?)

Suddenly, your business becomes a casino game, a code which can be cracked. You can perform these numbers when you focus. Put all of your mind, as well as your team’s mind, to setting goals and achieving each goal in your funnel.

I call this the “If-if-if-then game.” When you can reach your goal in the first step, when you can achieve it in second step and when you can achieve it in the other steps, you then will hit your revenue goals in the bottom of the funnel, guaranteed.

It’s so simple, yet so powerful.

Here’s the easy point of my post today: small tweaks designed to each area of the funnel can have a significant effect on your revenue. So:

  •  Perhaps you have outlined your funnel yet?
  •  Perhaps you have set goals for every part of that funnel?
  •  Perhaps you have doubled your earnings yet?

If not, I don’t know why you remain reading! Share this post, then outline your funnel, set some goals, crush it this week and double your earnings in the next thirty days.

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