3 Factors That Could Limit The Growth Of Your Mobile-App Startup

Creating a mobile-app startup is comparable to building any tech startup. As a business owner, you need to perform the role of a generalist rather than specialist.

You will need to consider product development, design, marketing, company incorporation, finances, recruiting, etc., as well as your day doesn’t become any easier as your startup progresses.

Mistakes are bound to occur, which is merely part of owning a startup. Some, though, could be avoided. As a founder, you will get so consumed with the merchandise that you have a tendency to get carried away to make certain decisions that may have a significant effect on just how your startup will shape up or grow.

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My goal here’s to indicate three of the very most common factors that may limit the growth of your app.

1. Validating a mobile app through mobile web.

Both technologies are poles aside from each other and also have very different use cases. Mobile web lends itself to being functional, whereas a mobile app delivers an excellent user experience.

The initial functionality and speed of access of a mobile app can’t be matched with that of mobile web. The discovery of every can be different. A mobile website will typically be discovered while searching on Google or other se’s, while a mobile app lives in the ecosystem of the operating-system (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile).

The natural behavior of users surfing the net isn’t to bookmark the webpage or mobile website on the home screen. People browse the net for instant information. However when a user downloads an app, they will use it more often than once.

If your idea is for a mobile app, usually do not validate it because they build a mobile website as that may offer you misleading usage data.

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2. Not concentrating on the core features in version one.

I am still surprised by the amount of entrepreneurs who still haven’t heard about creating a lean startup. So, what does it mean?

Creating a mobile-app startup the lean way requires you to build up just the core features, which are your app’s core value offering. Build only the features that certainly are a will need to have on day one, without which, your app wouldn’t work. Omit those features that are nice to have and the ones a user can do without.

Be familiar with the features define your mobile app. More features don’t mean an effective app. The user can be involved with that feature or a set that helps solve her or his problem. If your core feature does that, build all of the peripheral features after you’ve launched and tested the marketplace.

3. Using cross-platform technology.

I’ve known many entrepreneurs who would like to take the shortcut in building an app using cross-platform tools. Since there is nothing wrong in using these, putting things in perspective, there’s not really a single successful application available in the market that uses these technologies.

Although it can help you to build for multiple platforms as well, what you would compromise on is user experience. You will find a factor in building for a specific platform from the bottom up using the various tools provided by the platform owners vs. using third-party tools as a shortcut. And you’d also be reliant on the developers to update their tools to maintain with operating-system upgrades.

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